Mega 24 Hour Special: All Of My Copywriting Products

The 2 Hour Sales Letter ($70).

The 7 Deadly Copy Sins ($35).

Tapping Michel Fortin’s Brain Vol. 1 ($35).

Tapping Michel Fortin’s Brain Vol. 2 ($35).

My Personal Sales Page Template ($20).

These are just some of the copywriting products I’ve had for sales over the past couple of years.

Whenever someone comes to me to learn about copywriting (including my family members), these are the tools I point them to.

Until 2pm tomorrow you can get all of these products (and a few more) for $19.95 TOTAL. Not $19.95 each, but $19.95 TOTAL.

To read more about it, click here:

At the top and bottom of the page, you’ll find an order link. I’ll manually send you the access information shortly after your purchase.

This offer will be taken down at 2pm tomorrow.

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  • Jim MacDonald

    Thanks Dean

    It’s bean a few days since I grabbed onto your 24 hour special.

    And, still filling my basket full of copywriting nuggets

    Mmmm good!

    Had to get the Mind-Extracting-Equipment preforming in top notch when entering into your, Tapping Michel Fortin’s Brain.

    Yes, been a couple of days and I’m halfway through Volume 1 of 2. I’m travelling at a nice brain sucking speed.

    So many “aa-ha” nuggets. And follow ups to other exciting copywriting information bases.

    Next week the golden nuggets will be all extracted out of Volume 1 & 2 of Tapping Michel Fortin’s Brain and into mine!

    Copywriting now will be clearer and on target. I’ll be hearing in my head how this copywriting orchestra is really written for big results for your client.


    Jim MacDonald

  • Stephen Dean

    Hey thanks Jim! I really appreciate the feedback.

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